Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA) 

Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA)

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Private Tuition

DGA offer one to one (or one to two if you want to share the session between friends or siblings) personal tuition for both children and adults of all abilities. 

Private tuition is ideal if you haven't done gymnastics before and would like a taster of what goes on during a lesson, if you/your child are shy or nervous in a group setting or if you/they need more focused coaching due to physical or learning difficulties.

Private tuition is also good if you/your child has missed some training due to holiday/illness/injury/isolation, if you/they want to spend time focusing on a particular goal/piece/skill/routine, to add quality prior to a competition or simply if you/they want to spend more time in the gym.

We also have private tuition vouchers availabile to purchase for birthday or Christmas presents, as a treat or as a reward for good behaviour or excellent exam/competition results.

Whatever the reason for your private tuition booking, session goals will always be discussed in advance so that you can make the most out of your lesson.

All private tuition is £25 per hour and can be booked via the 'Events' tab on our website (non members) or through your 'Love Gymnastics' app (members).