Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA) 

Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA)

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Dronfield Gymnastics Academy's Health and Safety Policy Statement

DGA is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees, volunteers, members and any other persons e.g. visitors, contractors, who enter the club's premises. 

The overall responsibility for health and safety rests with Clare Hague. Clare Hague is responsible for managing the health and safety policy.

This statement of our health and safety policy sets out our main aims and objectives in this area and outlines the ways in which we go about fulfilling these aims and objectives. Our policy has been drawn up in the light of British Gymnastics (BG) guidance, statutory health and safety requirements and the common law duty of care. 

Our agreed aims and objectives are as follows:

- To manage the risks associated with our activities so that accidents and work related ill health can be avoided. 

- To ensure that all equipment and apparatus that we use is fit for purpose, regularly inspected and properly maintained.

- To ensure that the storage that we use for equipment and apparatus, and that used for any hazardous substances, is well maintained and that items are stored safely. 

- To provide all our staff and volunteers with the induction, supervision, instruction and training, necessary for the proper performance of their duties.

- To conduct consultations with our staff and volunteers on all matters which affect their health and safety.

- To provide a safe working environment for our employees, volunteers and members.

- To fulfil the health and safety responsibilities that we may have for other persons visiting or working on our premises. 

To fulfil these aims we have taken the following actions:

- We have introduced a health ans safety management structure which identifies an individual member of staff responsible for managing each main area of our health and safety policy. 

- We have conducted risk assessments on all of our facilities, equipment and procedures and these assessments are regularly reviewed. 

- Additional risk assessments are conducted to cover particular groups such as young people, new and expectant mothers and disabled people.

- We have implemented the actions arising from risk assessments and communicated the results to our staff and volunteers.

- We have included in the induction programme for new members of staff and volunteers, an introduction to health and safety matters and responsibilities, and we arrange for additional training and up to dating to be provided wherever necessary. 

- We conduct regular inspections of all equipment and apparatus, and our storage facilities, and take prompt action to remedy any deficiencies. 

- We have introduced robust reporting procedures.

- We have produced plans for dealing with emergencies such as emergency evacuation of our premises and have introduced appropriate procedures which are subject to regular testing. 

- We conduct regular inspections to ensure that all he main routes into and out of our premises are kept clear and properly maintained and that all health and safety equipment is in proper working order.

- We communicate regularly with the owners of the premises to ensure that each side's responsibility for health and safety matters is properly understood and managed.

- We review our health and safety policy at least once a year with additional reviews following any changes in our operating methods, changes in our organisational structure, and the issue of new BG guidance. 

Safety arrangements statements 

We have introduced special measures in particular areas of health and safety (such as first aid) and these measures are set out in their own right. These statements cover particular issues that relate to the topic under discussion, and should be read in conjunction with the main policy document. 

Last updated April 2020