Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA) 

Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA)

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Dronfield Gymnastics Academy's Code of Conduct - Visitors

Purpose of our Codes of Conduct

Our code of conducts reflect the British Gymnastics' standards of behaviour for gymnasts, parents, coaches and visitors and also incorporates the views of its members. They act to provide a clear framework within which anyone involved in the club are expected to conduct themselves.

Visitor Code of Conduct

- Visitors to the club are asked to arrive upon appointment only

- They must respect the club premises and equipment at all times

- They are not permitted to take photos or videos unless prior agreed with the head coach.

- They are not permitted to undertake any coaching duties unless suitably qualified and this has been prior agreed with the head coach.

- They must keep club, member and coach information confidential.

Last updated April 2018