Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA) 

Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA)

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Class Prices and Payment

Beginners (1hr per week) = £21 per month

Improvers (2hrs per week) = £31 per month

Advanced (4hrs per week) = £51 per month

Nursery Squad (6hrs per week) = £61 per month

Development 1 Squad (8hrs per week) = £71 per month

Development 2 Squad (10hrs per week) = £81 per month

Regional Squad (12hrs per week) = £91 per month

National Squad (14hrs per week) = £101 per month

Elite (16+hrs per week) = £111/£121 per month


PreSchool Classes = £5 per session calculated into terms which reflect the school calendar plus £1 system charge

Teen Gym = £5 per session paid cash pay as you go

Adult Class = £5 per session paid cash pay as you go


Extra classes will be charged at the rate of the class level (For example attending 2x beginners classes would be £42 per month as opposed to £31 for 2hrs).

Payments for all of our classes (excluding adult and teen at present) are now via the 'Pay Subs Online' system. The new system requires you to follow the email request to login and pay your child's fees via direct debit.

Due to the format of the calendar month you only pay for 48 weeks of the year. 2 of these weeks account for the Christmas holiday period and the other 2 absorb personal holiday and illness. If we have to cancel a class you will be refunded for that particular session however no other refunds will be given unless in exceptional circumstances that must be discussed with the head coach. We generally run through public and school holidays, any cancellations will be made via email with good notice.


Late payments will incur a £5 penalty charge and if payment is not received within 2 weeks without prior notice the place will be lost.