Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA) 

Dronfield Gymnastics Academy (DGA)

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To be the largest provider of gymnastic activity in South Yorkshire and North East Derbyshire.

To improve people's health and well-being through the sport of gymnastics. Giving everyone who wants to, the opportunity to get involved.

To provide great facilities and equipment.

To have a highly motivated, dedicated, knowledgeable and skilful workforce.

 To be the home of successful competitive athletes


1. There is never a dull day at DGA

2. We are confident, committed and motivated 

3. We don't say no we say 'not yet'

4. We do the right thing when it is the harder thing to do

5. We value effort and attitude over skills and scores

6. We water our own grass

7.We fix each other's crowns

8.We accept help gracefully

9. We are kind to and respect ourselves, one another and our environment

10. We take responsibility for our actions and learn from our mistakes

11. We are one team #TeamDGA